The Dream Crystal

The Dream Crystal

The Dream Crystal – Book I of the Shadows & Dreams Series

The Shadow People have come.

Always near, they linger in the darkness, ready to devour dreams, hopes, aspirations and desires.

Erin O’Neil, a fashion student, never thought she would one day learn to fly, or that she would meet a cat that works in a library, or that she would be able to conjure up whatever she wanted with just a thought. All she has ever known is a dreary world where dreams wither away into oblivion.

An ancient race, the Tuatha Dé Danaan are the guardians of dreams. Having lost a war against the Celtic invaders of Ireland, they have been exiled to another world, Tír na nÓg

Following a ball of light into this world, Erin discovers that she’s a Faerie Changeling and that her true name is Aisling. Disquieted by the fact that her faerie parents are kidnappers, Aisling has decided to rescue the human child that she was exchanged for. But her “sister” is no longer among the faeries, having been taken away by the Shadow People.

Ith, the Lord of Shadows, wants to control the dreams of mankind, which are under the rotection of the faeries, so they’re at war.

Aisling, who doesn’t believe in dreams any longer, is falling in love with a handsome, mysterious stranger – one of the Shadow People.


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