Shadows & Dreams

1. The Dream Crystal
2. The Dark Mirrors of Heaven
3. Warfare in Paradise
4. Princess of Shadows
5. The Tyranny of Heaven
6. An Siofra

Book I:   The Dream Crystal
A Fairy Changeling fights the Shadow People over the ability to control the dreams of mankind.

Book II:  The Dark Mirrors of Heaven
A Faerie Changeling struggles to remove a curse that threatens to plunge the world into eternal darkness.
Coming in 2015

Book III: Warfare in Paradise
The Shadow People invade the Land of Dreams.
Coming in 2015

Book IV:  Princess of Shadows
A Faerie Changeling falls into the Land of Shadows, and is enslaved.
Coming in 2016

Book V:  The Tyranny of Heaven
Aisling awakens an ancient race who invade the Land of Dreams, threatening all of creation.
Coming in 2016

Book VI:  An Siofra – The Changeling
To sleep, or to dream? Aisling takes a journey to Ireland to discover a lost secret.
Coming in 2016



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